"No one is born fully-formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are." Pablo Freire

Author Visits, Grant Writing & Curriculum


Jen Cullerton Johnson has taught in many places, including the urban classrooms of L.A., and Buenos Aires, Argentina to one room school houses in the rice fields of Murakami, Japan and deep into the mountains of Loja, Ecuador.  Jen has taught English, Language Arts, ESL, Writing and Spanish. She has a MEd in and Development and holds Illinois and California for grades 6-12 in English and Spanish. She is available for to facilitate community workshops, writing seminars, curriculum development in the Language Arts, English and American literature.

A Spanish speaker, she also gives workshops and edits materials in Spanish. Jen helps develop literary grants for non-for-profits, like Project Plenty and Poets in the Schools. Currently, she works at Chicago Public Schools and is an adjunct for St. Augustine College.

Author Visits & Workshops K–12th Grades


Jen provides the following hands-on, student centered workshops and consults to help create events at your school.

  • Nature Writing Workshops (K-12)
  • Science Writing (K-12)
  • Finding Your Voice  (K-6)
  • Art of Nonfiction (K-8)
  • ACT/ SAT Essay Prep (High School)
  • Reading-Writing Connection BOOK CLUBS (Elementary and High School)
  • Digital Newspaper & Yearbook (Middle School)
  • Family Literacy Night
  • Readings For Families Festival
  • Books Clubs

Jen can do an all class or all school Skype. Skype visits are affordable, fun, and offer students new ways to interact with the text and the world around them. Find Jen on Skype. Her username is Jen Cullerton Johnson!

Grant Writing & Awards

Jen can target grants and awards for your teachers and schools so that your school can have the literary program it deserves.

  • 2007 Illinois Holocaust Museum Grant for Students (Maria High School)
  • 2007 Sister Thea Bowman Award For Gender and Race Relations (Maria High School)
  • 2007 National Council and Social Justice Grant for Empowering Girls (Maria High School)
  • 2008 Chicago Education Foundation Small Grant Writing Books Across the Curriculum (LEARN Charter School)
  • 2009 Chicago Education Foundation Large Grant Finding Afro-Latino Roots in Chicago with emphasis on Charter Education. (LEARN Charter School)
  • 2012 Rochelle Lee Boundless Readers Grant (Chicago Public Schools)

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