Find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.

~William Shakespeare

Jen Cullerton Johnson

Jen Cullerton Johnson’s non-fiction children’s book Seeds of Change demonstrates the connection between people and nature. A frank and inspiring invitation into the life and work of Wangari Maathai, Noble Peace Prize Winner and founder of the Greenbelt Movement. For each book bought Jen gives a percentage to help the environment. For each school visit, or workshop, participants plant one tree in solidarity of saving the earth.

She has spoken about Green Literacy and the role of environmental books for children and adults for the EPA, Chicago Green Festival, Saturday Writers, Green Schools Conference, Illinois Reading Council, National Catholic Library Association, and more. [read more]

Seeds of Change reviews

“This entry on Wangari Maathai takes a slightly more comprehensive look at her life than several other recent books. . . . Vivid colors sparkle from within the thick white outlines in the batik-style illustrations that fill the pages.” ~ School Library Journal

“Rich in its biographical narrative, this picture book gets high marks for its valuable lesson about the importance of educating girls and protecting the environment. Parents and teachers can use this story about the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize to introduce children to basic economic concepts such as scarcity, natural resources, and human resources. Vivid, colorful images rendered in scratchboard and oil work extremely well to highlight Wangari Maathia’s background and contributions in environmental activism. ” ~ Rutgers Project on Economics and Children [read more]

Events & Workshops

Jen has facilitated creative writing workshops nationally and internationally as a leader, consultant, and designer. She provides support and engaging environment where all participants are inspired to write their best work. If you are interested in having a writer’s workshop, please email Jen for fees and scheduling.

In addition to group workshops, Jen works closely in mentoring writers helping them hone in their skills and perceptions as writers. From idea to finished product, you will grow as a writer, reader, and editor of your own work. If you are interested in being  mentored, please contact Jen. [read more]